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Hold us together with sound
Holding on to the earthy smell. The time that settle the kettles won't tell. Pour me away and let it rot with regret. A little time with all that it meant had never seen the way. I wanna take you to the place that is more, before you can cast an opinion at all. Listen to our problems and we'll travel the shores. Bring me down, so long again. It didn't matter what we wanted to see you thought you saw something that looked just like me and you looked through me cause it's easy with lies and the ties that bring us to the stars. I don't wanna fake it, just take it all. be with me and count on us like friends. Even when we're far apart I'll hold us together with sound. I don't understand why we're upset, it's all I do, is be with you but I don't mind cause our dreams are more colors than grey. Please pour me some, and we'll greet the next thing that comes to knock on our door.
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If you walk in the moon's lunar luminosity, its wonderful light. You will feel it in you rising all night. Into the break of dawn where it flies along and soars around your head floating there like a thought bubble. You'll be feeling it right. You'll be walking down the hill with a kite like tail that tags along your magic and spirit filled with courage and fight. When you do it right, you can truly see it gleam peacefully out into the horizon of your down fall only to bounce you back up into the story of life. If you lose your way that's how you'll know that everything is just right. So make an attempt to tussle with trifles and snipe them down with accuracy with a rifle of your own design. Take a breath of the cold air and let it rush through you and relieve you if only momentarily of despair.
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She was looking at me with such eyes.
It gave me chills to see the despise in her eyes.
It lit my longing heart, and set my mind a flame to a bliss like plane.
Staring at me with fear filled tears, I could see she loved me.
She didn't want me to leave her here I know, but I had to go.
The nearest road, I found was no way to show my love. I had to leave her alone so she could think.
Bringing myself to get up was the hardest part, such soft skin and a gentle heart it sickened my stomach with butterflies. A lump in my throat tied a knot in my back as I had to break her gaze. I left in a calming still, a wind took to the tail of my coat as the door creaked open. I thought I heard her say those words that still repeat in my head. "Don't do this to me. Why do you have to hurt me?" and of course her pleas for mercy and help only made me have to struggle with my feeling more. Those ones she batted them around like a cat toy. Now she's hanging in there with a whispered voice and an unblinking r
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Living and dying while I am Colliding
I walked through the door and closed it behind me.
I stood in a room with only space, and a single tree shaped like a chair.
I took a seat and everything started to fly by. Time and light became a blur, a mesh of colors and gravity intensifying upon my body. I could feel my skin ripple and just as I saw everything at once it stopped. Aloft I drifted into this space and all along I hadn't notice the tree growing, griping, and wrapping it's limbs on me. I sat stuck in that living chair, yet felt uplifted by the lack of air as I started to dream into the abyss in which I had seen.
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Depth in us
there's a depth to me
so unseen
I delve in to look inside
and I realize
how shallow the others around me are
perhaps they hide behind flood gates or they truly are that light
though I think that most are too afraid to hold their breath and dive
to see what they fear and all the thoughts and personality traits they hide
to see they're mistakes in that self formed reflecting pool
perhaps they're afraid of all the beasts that could lay underneath in wait
or they can't hold their breath long enough and the water stings their eyes
maybe their afraid of being pulled under by the tides and drowning in what they hate and what they hide
it's hard to contact people at such critical depths
there are so very few in life that I have met where I can truly be me whilst in the deepest reaches of my mental sea
not many wish to converse so deeply, and others possibly just pass me by
I want to swim where it's dark
I want to talk about me and them in the dimly lit places underneath a rippling sky
it's har
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Pointless Thoughts
I don't pretend to know myself
I know I'm a shell with a heart
I am no angel, man, or devil
if I ever existed at all
it was before I came into the understanding
that I am not all here
I delve into a fantasy of madness and nonsense with and ill conceived notion of what's good and what's bad and what's gray
I know that I've no idea what I think of anything
I can look at the lines and corners of my ceiling and I see them move and wriggle as if I was underwater, under a pressure I can't control ever sinking with no thought process just a morbid husk who doesn't even have and urge or need to breathe
I like to think I can make people happy
that I can understand, empathize, or sympathize with them
I like the look of my face in my reflection but despise the nothingness behind it
tend to have a passion to be oblivious and accidentally harmful to others while I analyze what are seemingly unimportant details of life and like to think I'm a bit of a philosopher because of it when I've hardly ever
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Prince of sorrow and the King of Disaster
I don't deserve her love nor her beauty
I don't deserve her at all
For I keep making mistakes, and the closer we are the more my flaws show
I'm not perfect in the least and have never claimed to be
but she deserves so much more than me
Just like everyone around, I try to help, love, and understand
but when they try to grip my clammy hands they slip and fall time and time again
whether it be my words or action
no matter how hard I try I only end up hurting who I care about most
I let them down  consistently
Right when things are looking okay they fall harder than ever
Either I have terrible luck
or I was never meant to care or love others
I'm a walking disaster so it seems
it feels like a curse, a burden I bare
and it hurts me more than anything to see others in pain
and especially so
when I know
that I'm the one to have caused it
:iconvahllen:Vahllen 2 0
Something I can't say
When they cut you up
and gut you alive
can you even cope
with what they unleash inside
I looked upon their faces while I was tied
and not one of them had an ounce of sincerity
or bravery in their eyes
I can't keep running away from all that I hide
when you see a speck of dust
pondering on it's way
can you even see it
could you ever relate
maybe I've just watched an hour pass by
perhaps I could tune in to the media's tide
or surf along the breezy skies
and see what information and entertainment lay within
Call me up a doctor I think I feel ill
not mentally or physically
but something won't let my thoughts or heart be still
how can I berate myself when I can love everyone else
why do I shy away in disguise
when I know they know me and most of what I hide
when will I be free from my own lack of dignity
or selflessness
cause sometimes you need to be selfish just a bit and take good care of yourself
but it's hard when you're a rotting corpse with people who just judge
there's no jury but my
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like a tidal wave and I give it to you
All I need is an idea and plan, a way to make a stand, and fly this ship away, steering from dismay into the clouds and outer reaches of the black sleek prisms of space where I can lay my head and dream my fears away while I tear through the rest of the insecurities that hold so firmly in place with false truths and open ended lies I could have sworn that if I were to blink I would have died and cried at my own funeral but it's okay for now cause my fingers are still moving writing these words that carry my weight oh so great are the giants we may face and duel these demons and cruelties but never forget how we can not only exterminate them but re imagine, redraw, and envision these terrible things that encroach upon our lively-hoods and sanities we can change most anything that we see fit for all we need id a pen and a paint brush, color it all in with imagination to redefine our beings and make clearer the things we need so we may understand our being. This love and grace and feared
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You didn't deserve this
I never deserved anything
darkness hold me tight I feel the demons
stop quitting
Are you ever going to listen to me
You're an idiot
God you're oblivious
I love you
stop drowning jeez
can't you ever pull your self up
why is it always me
shut up
just shut up
I'm never going to be successful
stop trying to be everyone's friend
you're so stupid
why don't you do something useful with your writings
get a job
you need to stop lying around
get up and ho out
are you gong to be here forever
why don't you try
I'm never going to finish anything I start
stop feeling ad there are others who have it worse
you're a pig
you're such a slob
clean your room
brush your teeth
eat healthy
lose weight
use your breathing machine
you don't wanna die in your sleep do ya
I'm scared
It scares me
you'll get used to it
go to college
get a girl that's closer
she's too young
what's wrong with you
You should be ashamed of yourself
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lace my hair
with hot ashtrays
and stale air
cup holders
air tight nights
a camera's caress
look towards the vertical
find only now
my face hits hard
scream loud
body on fire
lust in a shroud
romance deviating
plan  creating
worldly goods    feel     knock    cherry wood
triumphant    saw the band
stretched til it snapped
frightening scowl
marks my flesh
burnt  crisp
tidy       mess
:iconvahllen:Vahllen 1 0
Cause I'm always with you
Man, I feel like no matter who I'm talking to
unless it's my special someone
I feel really distant
I used to have friends
close ones too
And I know they still think of me
as their close one too
but lately
I feel lonely
no matter how deep I can connect
it's never beyond tissue
It's rarely with the mind let alone the soul
I miss that warmth of conversation
and stimulating observations
a lot of things
have lost their magic
a lot of faces have grown
into ones of tragedy
I feel like that on the outside
internally I'm still a kid
hormones and such make me act differently
but my wonderment
my imagination still exists
I sometimes wonder
why adults don't play pretend
instead they where masks
of maturity and lock the child within
I want to be
not mature persay
but have some responsibility
I'm still young
yet I already miss my youth
maybe I'm living in the past
maybe I should live for today
but it's hard when you know
that if you do
you'll feel it kick in
that subtle sen
:iconvahllen:Vahllen 1 2
Lovingly so
To the one I love
To the one I know
To the one who makes the skies glow
even at the darkest time
still I find
an incredible
like no other
a light
who calls me her own
an angel who swoops down
she had a rough landing
but I rushed to her aid
and since that meeting
I've held her in my arms
I've had her as my company
She is my best friend
She is my lover
she is a symbol
of peace in chaos
a strong vigilant if not fragile beacon
she calls to me
like a siren
and surely enough I follow
she holds not my heart, not my soul, nor my mind
instead she holds everything at once
and looks at me a person
the kind I never though I was
to the one I love
the one in the spotlight
and me in the corner
nervous and filled with fright
you pick me up
with just your gaze
you entrance me with your words
and hold me with nurturing
and genuinely caring arms
I wish in envy
that i could do
all these things and more
I wish I could
give you in return
the same things you give me
sometimes and uknowingly so
but I will be
:iconvahllen:Vahllen 0 0
I walked down
up the ground
worrying i would take
Left me a sonnet
a breaking in a way
but it read
so says
so it it is
I can't help it
Made me disagree
but it doesn't matter
it doesn't matter
if I can't lie
if I can't pry
I screamed and sung
and asked
but it the alley
like a trust fund
it came
it made
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I'm a platinum blond in a brunette disguise
With hazel eyes
but I guess the highlights emphasize
my stereotype
I'm blind to the obvious
oblivious to subtext and hints
notations maybe required
because even bluntly
I still can't read
your words
I don't understand
I know I'm kinda stupid
oh hell
I am
I can be creative
and I can be deep
but so can anyone else
I guess I'm just
better at showing than most
or maybe I'm one of the few
that wants to
I know I'm not the brightest
I know I fumble a lot
and my brain is always
dreaming and aloft
but my heart is in the right place
and my instincts try their best
to cover all the bases
that my mind has left
I'm always gone
and even when consciousness surrounds me
I still get quite lost
and when nothing feels tied down
it's easy to fly off
I'm sorry
I know my inattentive mind can hurt you sometimes
and I never want to make anyone cry
though for some it's on the inside
even if it's a small cut
to a gaping gash
My loose grasp
of wh
:iconvahllen:Vahllen 0 0
what is there
When the obstacle in your way is you.
What is there to do? What is there to do?
Some say it's just a phase others say you must conquer yourself
but how can you rely on someone of poor reliability to see themselves through.
When you feel out of touch with the world.
What is there to do?
When your family and friends feel miles away and you can't reach them or break through that self made barrier.
What can you do?
I feel lost and mystified
and emotionally wild
my eyes want to weep
but my face remains drier than a crocodile
I just want to burst
into an unstable
emotional explosion
a spectrum of happiness and sorrow
anger and confusion
dazed and deluded
What can I do
when the ones you want to talk to
feel so unreal
and you're afraid they won't grasp
how you feel
:iconvahllen:Vahllen 1 0


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United States
I write mainly poetry and a bit of prose here and and there.
Music wise I like anything except screamo and most country stuff.
Overall I'm a nice guy.
I don't dislike too much stuff.
I dabble in anime and manga stuff.
That's really all you need to know.

Current Residence: The Ocean
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Grunge, Metal. Techno, Electrronica
Favourite photographer: Not sure
Favourite style of art: Writing
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Wallpaper of choice:…
Favourite cartoon character: Jan Valentine
Personal Quote: Truth can only be found in darkness.
Anyone interested?
  • Listening to: Random
  • Reading: Philosophy
  • Drinking: Haterade



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